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Manager training

Welcome to Work Balance – your partner in achieving a better work-life balance and improving your leadership skills. My unique manager program is tailored to help you juggle the many challenges, deadlines, and responsibilities that come with your role as a manager.

challenges as a manager

As a manager, you undoubtedly have many tasks and responsibilities to juggle. You are responsible for managing and nurturing stakeholders, handling deadlines, attending daily meetings, and managing emails. Additionally, you have your own projects and strategic plans to oversee amidst all your other tasks. It can feel like there are not enough hours in the day, while also needing to be visible and accessible to your employees, as they are your most valuable resource.

Individual training program

My manager program is designed for managers who want to become a better version of themselves. The program is individual and tailored to your specific needs and challenges. We help you plan and prioritize your tasks so that you can deliver with quality and on time. I work with you to identify what brings the greatest value to both you and the company. Additionally, we ensure that you follow up on everything that needs to be followed up on and that there is progress in all projects.

My manager program also gives you more time for visible leadership. I help you become the manager you want to be by increasing your implementation power and improving the quality and quantity of your meetings. We also focus on 1-on-1 meetings where you can unleash the full potential of your employees and create more mental space for yourself. The program allows you to truly take time off when you’re off because you have everything under control.

structure of the cource

The manager program is structured as follows:

Kick-off Meeting

A kick-off meeting of 3½ hours where we create an overview of all your work tasks, identify challenges and desires, and establish clear goals for the program.

Follow-up Sessions

There are 5 follow-up meetings where we evaluate your progress, identify areas for improvement, and set training exercises to continue building your skills and competencies.

Manager Program at Work Balance

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a better manager and achieving a better work-life balance? Contact Work Balance today to gain access to our unique manager program.

A manager program at Work Balance equips you with the tools to prioritize your tasks, create value, and strengthen your leadership. My individual approach and tailored training ensure that you achieve concrete results and become the best version of yourself as a manager. Take the first step towards achieving a better work-life balance and becoming a more efficient and skilled leader today.

Your benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions about Manager Development Program

My manager development program is tailored to each individual manager and focuses on specific challenges and needs. This provides a more personalized and individual approach to training.
The duration of the program depends on the needs and goals of each individual manager. The program spans over several months and includes both initial meetings and follow-ups.
I help you prioritize your tasks and create more efficiency, so you can have more time and energy to enjoy your free time without compromising your work.
No, the manager program is not only for experienced leaders. It can be beneficial for both experienced leaders who want to refine their skills and take their leadership to the next level, as well as for new or aspiring leaders who want to build a strong foundational knowledge and competencies in leadership. The program is tailored to the individual manager's level, needs, and aspirations.

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