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We have had the pleasure of having Stina Duevang with us for one day in Business Development – Customer Experience and Strategy. This “course” is one of the most rewarding ones I have attended in a long time. It has made me better at using my time more optimally and efficiently at work. Having an inbox at 0 or close to it every day, as well as moving tasks to where there should be time to address them, brings a lovely sense of calmness, allowing me to enjoy my time off when I have it. I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Vinnie Skov, Manager at Customer service, Sparekassen Denmark  
I got to know Stina Duevang through my workplace, NCC Danmark A/S, where she has helped many colleagues. In my role as a secretary, new tasks constantly arise, and I often receive and send around 100 emails per day. It’s easy to lose track, and I had many emails marked with red flags and was quite stressed. Stina provided me with a method in Outlook to gain and maintain overview, and I avoided succumbing to stress. I now structure and prioritize my tasks and clear my mind before leaving work. Even when things occasionally get out of hand, it’s quick and relatively easy to get back on track. So, a BIG thank you to Stina, who, besides being extremely efficient, is very trustworthy and super accommodating.
Marianne, NCC Denmark A/S

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great tools and habits you have incorporated into my daily life – it has resulted in a better version of myself.

Kasper Bay, Project manager , Enemærke & Petersen

I highly recommend Stina from Work Balance, who helped me achieve the overview and planning I have been seeking for so long. The role of a leader is hectic and requires constant oversight, which I feel Stina has helped me with. The busyness is still there, but now I have control over my tasks and ensure that nothing is forgotten on a daily basis. That is invaluable!

Mike Lasse Ransby, Process and Digitalization Manager, Enemærke & Petersen

First and foremost, thank you very much for a VERY rewarding course in personal planning regarding the structuring of emails, tasks, and calendars. It has provided so much surplus and only had a positive effect on my everyday life. The structuring of incoming emails, tasks, and notes has allowed me to focus on my work tasks without worrying about anything else because I know that everything is structured in my calendar, giving me a better overview of which tasks and follow-ups I need to tackle on specific days. As a result, I quickly and systematically create an overview that provides a HUGE peace of mind. Furthermore, it has made it possible for me to optimize my time because I am able to structure everything in a completely new way. All in all, I clear my mind, have peace of mind, and a structure that really excels in terms of my work life and personal life, which is optimized and has fewer worries – I can truly go into the weekend without concerns and with plenty of energy. I am very grateful that I took the course at the beginning of my employment because it has allowed me to prevent possible stress, bad work habits, and create a good overview from the start, helping me generate surplus to focus on my actual work (creating productivity). To ensure that others have the same positive benefits from the start of their employment at E&P, as I emphasized during the follow-ups, I would gladly recommend that the course becomes part of E&P’s introduction day with subsequent personal follow-ups. Many greetings from a huge fan of the course!
Vaishnavee Sasitharan, E&P
After my executive training program at Work Balance, I have gained a better overview of my daily tasks and more efficient email management. This means that I prioritize the most important tasks and don’t waste unnecessary time opening and handling the same email multiple times. It frees up time for other things in a busy everyday life. Furthermore, I have become better at preparing for my meetings and sending agendas in advance, so the meetings run more structured and streamlined. Stina has a good, constructive, and informal teaching style, and one feels inspired after each session. I can only recommend Work Balance and Stina Duevang.

Flemming Carlsen, Director at NCC

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